Shared Purpose & Values

Fortive is “Essential technology for the people who accelerate progress.” This is our shared purpose and our reason for being.

We create essential technology that helps the world progress. Our innovations keep the world moving forward. We work together to accelerate the pace of progress and to make a difference.

Our Shared Purpose

Our shared purpose is why we’re here. And our four values are how we do it.


We build extraordinary teams for extraordinary results

We believe in growth and invest in our people to make it happen. We are always leaning into the next challenge, imagining the next breakthrough, and designing the next innovation.

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“Developing yourself means going out of your comfort zone, but you know you’ve got people behind you, supporting you. And they’re not there to watch you fall. They are there to challenge you. If you don’t build the team, you won’t get the results.”


Customer success inspires our innovation

Our story is intertwined with our customers’. Their goals are our inspiration. Our innovations are their path to success. Together, we make each other better.

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"Customer success is really OUR success. If we come up with a new feature, a new product, improve our service, we are improving our customer’s performance. And our success is measured through that.”


Kaizen is our way of life

Kaizen, or continuous improvement, means we can always do better. It’s the reason we never settle. This commitment to better is the key to our growth and deeply ingrained in our culture: learning from our successes and failures, growing as individuals and teams, and always looking for ways to improve.

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“The thing I like about Kaizen is that everyone gets the chance to have their say about what changes they want to implement.”

Tim Niewand, Global FBS Leader, Invetech


We compete for shareholders

Competing for shareholders keeps us on task, always looking for the most efficient ways to improve our companies’ performance. The better we serve our customers, the more value we create, to fuel innovation across our businesses. This helps us keep loyal shareholders and employees, for the long haul.

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“It’s the feeling of being part of an environment where you are winning. You are satisfying customers and meeting their needs. It’s a rewarding feeling.”

Mike Badnin, VP Global Service Operations, Tektronix