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Superior hygienic sensing and sanitary process instrumentation.

Anderson­-Negele is a global instrumentation company that develops superior hygienic sensors for the food and life sciences industries, serving thousands of customers around the world to ensure the safe processing of products that are consumed, injected, or absorbed into skin.

For more than 90 years, Anderson­-Negele has created unique solutions for novel applications in flow management. The company continues to innovate hygienic food safety technology and instrumentation sensors to make the world a safer place.

“Our connected sensors and workflow solutions are helping our customers transform the manufacturing of food, beverages, medication, and vaccines. It’s incredibly rewarding to see how the efficiencies, waste reduction, and environmental improvements we offer show up as safer products for consumers.”

Cathy Clausen

years keeping people safe with hygienic solutions for products consumed, injected, or absorbed into skin


major COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers worldwide depend on Anderson-Negele's hygienic sensors to ensure precise sanitary requirements, including proper pressure flow and temperature


employees on a mission to provide the best hygienic instrumentation solutions and services for the food and life sciences industries