Fortive named as one of Fortune Magazine’s ‘The Future 50’ Challengers

The Future 50 ranks the global companies with the best prospects for long-term growth. Some are mining narrowly defined niches to produce phenomenal growth. Others are migrating into multiple industries with viral speed. Still others are inventing new business models as they go. But each of these companies won its spot by demonstrating both steady execution and forward-looking strategic nimbleness.

37. Fortive

In the two years since Fortive separated from parent company Danaher, its stock has popped 60%. The conglomerate has two broad divisions. One focuses on instruments that measure and monitor, like gas detectors and electricians’ tools. The other sells equipment, services, and software to the transportation and auto repair industries. Fortive recently acquired Accruent, a software provider that helps businesses manage real estate and facilities—and whose subscription business model is the kind Wall Street prizes for its predictability.