Fluke’s T6 Electrical Tester takes the Gold

Our CEO, Jim Lico, announced the 2018 Fortive Innovation Award Winners at our annual Growth & Innovation Conference in October. Those familiar with Fluke’s T6 Electrical Tester won’t be surprised to learn it won the gold medal.

Measuring voltage and current can be time consuming and carries the potential for risk. The Fluke T6 Electrical Testers, with breakthrough FieldSense technology, make work safer for technicians by enabling them to measure voltages up to 1000V ac without a metal-to-metal connection. Having the capability to measure voltage and current at the same time, while eliminating the need to open covers or remove wire nuts, allows technicians to save time when making these measurements.  Fluke is the first Test and Measurement company to come up with a solution to simultaneously measure voltage and current in a small form factor, such as an open fork tester.

It's safer, faster, more efficient, and more accurate.

Wes Pringle, Fortive Senior Vice President of the Field Solutions platform and President of Fluke, shed light on what makes the T6 so revolutionary and the team that made this new product possible. Check out this video to learn more:

"Being able to measure amperage and voltage simultaneously can also quicken the troubleshooting process. Arcflash is definitely a consideration. To be able to use the Fieldsense and be able to see what kind of voltage is present without having to open that panel and put yourself in that danger it can be a great benefit. " – Mark Horner, maintenance at Fred Hutchinson

As is true in many Fortive successes stories, the team really lived the Fortive Business System (FBS) while working on the T6, incorporating Lean Product Definition, Digital Marketing, and Growth Accelerator, our evolved approach to innovation.