Fluke Networks’ DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer Earns Silver

Our annual Growth & Innovation Conference celebrates advancing technology, and it was the perfect event for Jim Lico, Fortive CEO, to announce the 2018 Fortive Innovation Award Winners. Fluke Networks tied for the silver award with its DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer.

The DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer is the first field tester independently certified and endorsed to meet all the requirements for Category 8 field testing standard. It is a 2 GHz Vector Network Analyzer built for network cabling applications in a portable handheld package, and it can be used by installers with no RF measurement understanding. 

“The Fluke Networks DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer has been confirmed by Intertek to meet the ANSI/TIA-1152-A Level 2G requirements for measurement accuracy.” said Antoine Pelletier, Project Engineer – ICT Cabling Products Testing, Intertek. “The availability of testers that meet this standard is an essential milestone in the evolution of Cat 8 and means customers can ensure their installations are standards compliant.”

Panduit, a leading network solutions provider, has also endorsed the DSX-8000 and verified that it is the only field tester to meet all the Cat 8 requirements.

“Category 8 will offer the promise of smooth migration to higher bandwidths in the data center, with ease of deployment and significant cost saving,” stated Marc Naese, Vice President, Data Center Business Unit, Panduit Corporation. “To realize these benefits, customers will need to ensure their installation meets all Cat 8 specifications.Panduit® Labs have evaluated and endorse the Fluke Networks DSX-8000 for certification of our installations.”

Learn more about the team behind this breakthrough in this video: