Dover Motion’s DOF-5 Ties for Silver & Earns Industry Recognition

Each year, we celebrate and cultivate our teams' dedication to advancing technology at the Fortive Growth & Innovation Conference. Dover Motion, a division of Fortive operating company Invetech, tied for the silver award in our 2018 event with its Dover Objective Focusing DOF-5 nanopositioning stage.

Dover Motion developed the nanopositioning stage for optical imaging applications. It includes a new electronics board with embedded motion controller and encoder feedback chips and new technology for constant force gravity counterbalance. The DOF-5 provides equivalent or better performance for less than half the cost of competitive piezo technology. 

It offers a more affordable price, increased range of motion, and a stiffer bearing for improved image stability. These characteristics caught the attention of SPIE & Photonics Media, which recognize products that are changing our lives for the better. The DOF-5 is a finalist for the 2019 Prism Award.

WDI Wise Device Customer Story:

WDI Wise Device Inc. is a manufacturer of compact autofocus sensors, automated microscopy modules and end user infrared imaging systems. Previously, WDI had complex cabling and controls for its autofocus motion. The autofocus system sent correction information back to a controller which then had to interpret that correction and send a motion position command to the focusing stage. Now, the autofocus sensor can be connected directly to the Objective focusing motion axis. This simplifies the cabling, and controls system, and is done at a fraction of the cost of the previous solution.  

“Dover’s DOF-5 provides a great solution for single high NA microscope objective actuation. It provides all the benefits of piezo in terms of speed and resolution with none of the limitations, such as short travel range and ringing at a lower cost.” – Tedd Kelemen, Vice President Sales and Marketing, WDI Wise Device, Inc.